How do the New South Wales Government Explain Disinfection Fogging

It has been already a year since our lives have been completely transformed by the novel coronavirus. Stay home orders, endless quarantines, social distancing, and various other restrictions are still a major part of everyday life and work. 

Our working environment is one of the major factors of our everyday life that has changed as well. While some companies start to gradually reopen and do their first steps into coming back to “normal,” various important restrictions and measurements are still implemented on businesses for the health and safety purposes of employees, visitors, and partners. 

One of the most important aspects of focus for businesses in terms of ensuring a safe working environment is, of course, the hygiene of the office. While some states may differ in the recommended available options of ensuring a clean workplace, the South Wales Government has some clear guidelines on what is the most effective way to keep your office clean and safe. 

Let’s review some valuable insights your business should follow according to the recent updates by the government. 

What is disinfectant fogging?

Disinfectant fogging typically refers to the practice of using chemical application methods with various fine droplets to disinfect a room in a fog.  Generally speaking, the disinfectant has to reach a certain concentration and length of time so that it can be effective.

When it comes to its relation and effectiveness in terms of fighting against covid-19, The Australian Government DOES NOT recommend disinfectant fogging. Let’s dig deeper into several insights that might explain why and suggest better alternatives against the spread of the pandemic. 

The effectiveness of disinfectant fogging 

NOTE: Disinfectant fogging is not recommended for general use against COVID-19. This is mainly because it can introduce various new work and safety-related risks. In contrast, physically cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is a safer approach. In cases when you are looking for faster and innovative solutions you can as well refer to, 2-in 1 cleaning and disinfecting solutions, which are both safe and effective. 

Keep in mind that the chemicals used in disinfectant fogging introduce a risk for the health and safety of your workers which should be managed properly. Such chemicals are chlorine and hydrogen peroxides, which are highly irritating to the skin and eyes.

In any of the cases, even in the case of using disinfectant fogging for your business facility as a disinfectant method, efficient time should pass following the fogging process for all the chemicals to disperse. This is to ensure that workers who are returning to their working area are not being exposed to hazardous chemicals. 

Moreover, if you are using disinfectant fogging, it should always be conducted by trained professionals under appropriate control, taking into account the manufacturer’s direction. As noted by the Government, it should not be undertaken as a response to contamination of an area with COVID-19.

Alternative solutions

Instead of putting your workers at risk, you can always research and invest in safer and more affordable solutions like cleaning and disinfecting products for your office. 

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