Adult Body wipes, 40 Sheets per Pack


• Extra Large 30 X 20 cm wipes.
• Safe resealable pack.
• Extra thick 100 gsm tear-resistant wet towels.
• Eliminates odour associated with incontinence changes.
• Strong & absorbent for big surface cleaning yet soft on the skin.
• Helps reduce potential skin irritations.
• Rinse free Single use.
• Alcohol-free.
• Regulated At ph 5.5
• Safe for body, hands & Face.
• With Moisturizing Aloe Vera.

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Adult Body wipes are extra large and tear-resistant disposable wipes with a pleasant and refreshing fragrance suitable for daily cleansing of the body to help you stay cool, clean, comfortable and refreshed.
It comes in a resealable pack for convenience and ease of use anytime, anywhere.

Best use for hospital and nursing homes, especially bedridden patients.

Gently wipe the towel on the areas of the body that needs cleaning.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 5 cm