The first thing people notice about a washroom is its smell.

When a bad washroom creates the wrong first impression of your organisation, it’s time to freshen up our innovative Air freshening and Odour controlling systems.

Browse our catalog of oxygen air freshening at Hyex. We are one of the best washroom service providers in Australia

hyex oxygen viva dispenser white
Oxygen Powered Air Freshener

If you want your washroom smelling great 24 hours a day 7 days a week please call us now to experience the best air freshening system worldwide.

hyex Automatic Aerosol Air Freshening System
Automatic Aerosol Air Freshening System

Hyex has wide range of fragrance options from aromatherapy, perfume, natura and fragrance-free odour neutraliser refills

Hyex ARO500 misting-hvac white chrome small
Aroma Misting Units for HVAC

Premium scenting & misting unit not only create an amazing environment but also offer a solution for larger spaces to be able to get a concentrated and intense propellent free premium fragrance oils delivered throughout the required area from a single unit which can be installed either wall mounted, connected via hvac or simply placed counter top.

Hyex cubescent red small
Toilet Bowl Aroma Clip

The most affordable toilet cubical air freshener, it contains 30X more fragrance and releases a consistently for up to 30 days.

Air Freshener Gel-Cup

Eco-Friendly air freshener non-aerosol, noiseless operating dispensers, and refills are propellant-free refills that provide more than 30 days of clean fresh air.

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