#1 Washroom Services in Australia

Our services include Air Freshening, Hand Dryer Rental, Feminine Hygiene, Hand Soap and Skin Care, Incontinence Bin. An outstanding reputation for quality, integrity and service, we can handle all your hygiene and washroom needs.

It’s time to freshen up with our innovative Air freshening and Odour controlling systems.

Wide range of urinal/toilet hygiene accessories that give a refreshing scent and hygienic washroom environment.

Wide range of stylish soap dispensers that help you achieve a high washroom hygiene standard.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers, Toilet Seat Sanitiser Wet Wipes, Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray.


Renting Hand Dryers is an excellent way of keeping the capital purchase off your company’s balance sheet.

Insect Trap System, Pytech Automatic Multi-insect Control System

A helpful service that guarantees comfort and convenience of ladies in the washrooms.

Manual Diaper Bin, Pedal Diaper Bin, Automatic Diaper Bin

A washroom essential that enhances the quality of your premises providing extra convenience for your visitors.

We offer a wide range of high-quality floor mats that will suit in different areas and entrances.

Manual Bin, Pedal Bin

Large varity of medical waste and sharp containers

Complete range of washroom and workplace paper products.

Vending machines for Feminine Hygiene, Baby Diapers

Hand and facial paper towel

Don’t stress. We’ll refresh!

Are you worried about inconsistent, unreliable washroom hygiene service? Are you ready to work with a professional company who will handle the hygiene exactly the way you want it?

Why choose Hyex?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your hygiene & washroom service provider, here are some reasons to consider Hyex.

Professional & Friendly

We are a leading washroom hygiene services provider. Our team of expert personnel provide services to thousands of clients and locations

Matching Industrial Range

We use a Professional Family Range of equipment and related supplies so you can have a reliable, fresh, clean and hygienic washroom that will also enhance and add value to your washroom design.

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Trained Experts

We are experts, we pride ourself on providing our valuable clients a tailor made solution to help them achieve their required level of Hygiene and within budget.

Fast & Reliable Service

We offer free quotes with Quick Turn Around. Read your quote and if your satisfied, simply sign and email the quote to us and leave our experts to do the rest.

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Hyex products have been sourced from the world’s leading Hygiene and Washroom Manufacturers.
Our Innovative line of dispenser have endless possibilities and at Hyex we aim to provide you with products that are reliable, robust and pleasant to the user.

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