Paper Towel

Paper hand towels are made up of fibers, with the purpose of drying hands easily. Hyex provides paper towel service…

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Urinal Sanitiser Dispenser & Deodorizer Service in AU

Urinal Care

Wide range of toilets and urinal care services, such as sanitiser dispensers and Anti-splash urinal screens enriched with Biological Enzymes.

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Toilet Seat Care

Hyex’s cleaning service line can provide a complete range of professional cleaning and toilet seat care services adapted to the…

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Affordable Hand Dryer Rental Australia

Hand Dryer

Renting Hand Dryers is an excellent way of keeping the capital purchase off your company’s balance sheet. #1 Hand Dryer…

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Feminine Hygiene

  HYEX bids for a safe and dependable washroom hygiene service for your feminine sanitary essential needs. A helpful service…

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Best Baby Diaper Bins Rental Service in Australia

Baby Diaper Bin

  Hyex caters hygienic, clean and well maintained nappy disposal that can be suited in any range of facilities. Our…

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Baby Care Table

Baby Change Table

  Hyex variety of baby changing units are intended for all commercial premises that have a modern, stylish design and…

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Floor Mats

We offer a wide range of high-quality kitchen floor mats and floor mats for home, that will suit in different…

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Incontinence Bin

Nappy manual bins and pedal bins are hygienic, and designed for disposal of incontinence products. Hyex provides service of manual…

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Toilet Paper

  For those institutions requiring paper towels, we have a complete range of premium-grade paper and various options for paper…

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