30 mL Heavy-duty Pelican Pump for 5L Bottles




Heavy duty re-usable pelican pump for dispensing from 5-litre containers. Dispenses 30ml of product per operation. It fits all standard 5-litre bottles, gallons, jerry cans and containers with a 38mm neck. Hand-operated pump dispenser for 5-litre containers, ideal for dosing all chemicals, including gels, soaps and liquids into smaller bottles quickly and easily. Accurately doses 30ml of product on every action. Screw onto a 5-litre bottle and pump.

Pelican Pump Dispenser
Dispenses 30ml of product.
Suitable for all gels, liquids, soaps etc.
38mm neck for standard 5-litre bottles, gallons and jerry cans
Hand-operated accurate dispenser pump
simple screw fixing
Heavy duty re-usable