V-250A Digital White Aerosol Dispenser With Day Setting PP Plastic – PP

SKU: HX07524



  • Modern and elegant digital aerosol air freshener dispenser made from stain and chemical-resistant PP (polypropylene) plastic in white color.
  • It features a demo switch and an on/off switch located outside the dispenser for convenience and offers interval settings from 1 to 59 minutes and days on/off setting.
  • The dispenser can accept a wide variety of cans with capacities ranging from 3000 to 9000 sprays and comes with a lock and key for added security.
  • Its new memory chip eliminates the need for resetting and automatically restarts the service cycle after completion, while battery replacement takes only 2 minutes without any loss of settings.
  • The dispenser runs on 2-size D batteries that are reliable and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for price-conscious customers looking for a reliable and convenient air freshener dispenser.