Air Freshener Buying Guide

Our sense of smell is highly underestimated by most companies when it comes to marketing strategies. Various fragrances can not only be associated with emotional responses and memories, but our sense of smell can also highly affect our judgment and interpretation of brands. 

Plus, as marketing is highly dependent on emotions and sensory experiences, choosing the right scent for your business, home, or facility can become the key to staying ahead of your competitors. 

One of the most effective ways to get the best of fragrance marketing is by the use of the right air freshener. Unfortunately, choosing the right commercial air freshener contains various details to consider. Hence, we are here to help with tips and tricks on guiding you to purchase the best air fresheners in the industry. 

The importance of fragrances marketing: 

  • The smell can drive customer behavior

Keep in mind that, typically, customers who admire the smell around them are more likely to buy more products and consider additional services. 

Let’s take an example. Various researches have shown that good fragrances can drive people to spend more, as your customers are becoming more impulsive towards buying new products and are open to higher price tags. A casino was able to reach 45% more revenue by simply changing its fragrance profile in the building. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? 

  • Pleasant smells keep customers around:

To put it simply, people prefer to stay in places with a pleasant smell. Real estate agents, for instance, use this strategy to create a sense of home and comfort, to keep their customers around. Besides, the better the place smells, the higher the chances are that the potential buyers will stay in your store. 

Take into consideration that the longer a customer spends in your store, the more likely they are to buy your products.

  • Smells can increase staff productivity:

Fragrance marketing is not necessarily only for your customers. It can also benefit your working environment and customer productivity. A good smelling environment can boost your staff productivity, lead them to make fewer mistakes, and create a pleasant working environment that will benefit your business. 

How to choose the right air freshener: Factors to consider

Size and type of room 

The size of the room is one of the primary factors that will determine your final purchase of an air freshener. Depending on if you want to place your air fresheners in a bathroom, public restroom, or office room, the type and the fragrance of your air freshener will vary. So when choosing the perfect solution for you, make sure to first determine the room you will place your air freshener.

Besides the type of room, the size matters too, as there are different types of air fresheners designed for different room sizes. 

Level of malodour

Take into consideration that the room you wish to freshen can have a high level of malodours, such as washrooms, or garbage rooms that will most likely require continued malodor control. 


Advice from Hyex: Considering the continued use of fresheners in the workplace, make sure to find a product that is both high quality and sustainable not only in a sense of saving money for your business but also for the environment.

Hence, before making your final purchase, make sure to find out how sustainable the product is, how long it can last for continuous use, and its availability for recycling. 

Benefits of Air Fresheners: What To Look Out For

Perfect fragrance 

We’ve already discussed that certain fragrances are just like a piece of memory, or a fragment of a better time. Our sense of smell is linked to the amygdala, an area of the brain which is also where we store our emotional memories. Hence, you can think of smell, and fragrances as gateways to good feelings and memories. 

Certain fragrances can give your brand a sense of luxury, can raise your staff’s mood and workplace performance, can lead your customers to spend more time in your store, or create a relaxing environment. 

Hyex can help you find the best matching fragrance for your company and brand. Make sure to content us for details! 


The regular use of the air fresheners, the size of the room all reflect on the final price, quality, and quantity of air freshener solutions. 

Hyex is happy to offer a wide range of solutions, that are both high quality and at an affordable price. 

Are you searching for the most effective bathroom air freshener, or wondering what is the best air freshener for a large room, or what is the strongest air freshener? We have got all of your answers with corresponding products on our website. 

Make sure to get the best of fragrance marketing and air fresheners with our help! Contact us for further details! 

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