How to Choose the Right Scent for Your Business Interior

Our senses are the primary source of perceiving and communicating with the world. They are the key aspects that affect our decision-making process. Businesses who consider this aspect will end up with more success in the industry. 

However, as the recent trends in the wonderless world of marketing and sales show, some senses can be dominant in specific industries for a particular purpose. While in past years, visual advertising was the main focus of advertisers to reach their audience’s mind, more and more businesses are turning into the magic of scent marketing. 

There’s no doubt that our consciousness has a unique connection to different smells. Some scents can remind us of our childhood, and some can give us a feeling of luxury, some can embrace a state of shopping and more. 

However, the current challenge is to identify and use the right scent for your business effectively. How to do it? Let’s check some essential insights together.  

How to Choose the Right Scent for Your Business Interior

The Use of Scent in Hotels

Hoteliers are usually conscious users of scent marketing to enhance their rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and the entire hotel. Typically, the goal of hotels through scent marketing is to match the fragrance to the hotel’s location. For instance, a hotel in Las Vegas will most probably use a scent emphasising tropical aroma, e.g. with the use of spicy coconut scent. Some hotels, according to their location, prefer woodsy fragrances, that are soothing and relaxing. 

How to Choose the Right Scent for Your Business Interior

Fragrances in Fitness Centers

We all know that there’s an intense competition between fitness centres, and one of the prairie ways to distinguish their brand among many others for gyms will be a unique scent marketing strategy.

Among the popular welcoming and energising fragrances in gyms can be oils of peppermint, rosemary, and cardamom. At the same time, citrusy scents such as orange, lime, lemon, as well as peppermint contribute and stimulate weight lifters.

Interestingly, mango, pineapple, grapefruit, tangerine, melon, and pear fragrances are energy rechargers in between intense workout sessions.

Moreover, the lemon fragrance is effective as well, as it wakes a sense of cleanliness and freshness.

How to Choose the Right Scent for Your Business Interior

Fragrance Marketing for Financial Institutions And Banks

Generally speaking, when it comes to scent marketing, banks often choose a key fragrance for their brand according to the visual aspect of their logo. Let’s say if their logo contains orange colour, the orange scent will follow to be their key marketable fragrance. 

At the same time, often banks and financial institutions tend to choose scents that are peaceful and pleasant, contradicting the topic of money, which can be stressful for their customers. 

Noticeably, banks in general also prefer fragrances that evoke luxury. Examples can be rosemary and peppermint, or leather and tobacco, which proved to improve problem-solving skills. 

How to Choose the Right Scent for Your Business Interior

Fragrances for Spas And Beauty Salons

Beauty salons are also well known for the intense users of fragrance marketing to provide a better customer experience for their visitors and create a pleasant environment where people would love to revisit. As those have to create a stress-free and relaxing atmosphere, most often beauty salons and spas are choosing Spicata Mint, Green tea, and Lavender as their primary choices of fragrance.  

Sometimes they also use powerful relaxants, to be able to ensure the reduction of body stress management. Those can include jasmine and geranium, which are well known for decreasing cortisol levels.

Concluding Thoughts:

Customers get blasted daily with visual advertising, which reduces its effectiveness and makes the customers aware that businesses do want to sell something to them. Meanwhile, fragrance marketing not only creates a pleasant environment for potential customers to shop longer, or to be relaxed but also affects their decision making process in many other ways.

At Hyex, we are highly aware of all the benefits of fragrance marketing and the ways it can be successful for your business’s unique needs and strategy. At the same time, we have specific products starting from hand hygiene solutions such as hand dryers, air fresheners, and soap refills that are essential products insuring a pleasant scenting for your environment. 

All of our products are of high quality at an affordable price. We ensure that our soap refills, air fresheners, hand dryers, and all of the other products will become an integral part of your fragrance marketing and will bring you more customers. 

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