5 Essential Products to Keep Gyms and Leisure Centres Clean

Many people visit gyms and leisure centres to exercise, release stress and strengthen their bodies. During the pandemic however, individuals began to pay special attention to the cleanliness of these places. As the owner of these centres, you must keep them hygienic in order to prevent the transmission of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Cleaning on a regular basis will help to prevent the spread of infections. Many highly-touched surfaces require particular care and custodians should be directed to take all reasonable precautions to maintain visitors’ health. Today, we’ve made a list of 5 essential products that can help you keep gyms and leisure centres clean. Let’s dive in!

  1. Wet Wipes

Wipe down all the highly-touched surfaces on the gym and leisure centres as germs can stay on surfaces. You need to wipe down each surface carefully and attentively. Here are some of the frequently-touched objects: 

  • Light switches
  • Equipment handles
  • Equipment buttons
  • Free weighs
  • Weight changing levers
  • Exercise mat
  • Shower
  • Flush handles
  • Faucets
  • Lockers 
  • Door knobs, etc. 

Disinfectant wipes provide a rapid clean and you can put them near each set of machines. Encourage gym customers to clean the machine with one of these wipes after each usage. Use suitable signs and posters throughout the gym to promote their use and proper handwashing. 

  1. Hand Soap / Hand Sanitisers / Paper Towels

As you know, it’s important to have hand soap and sanitisers at gyms and leisure centres to prompt proper hand hygiene. Hands are the source of spreading germs, bacteria, and viruses. As you know, it’s essential to wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before and after using the equipment. But your customers shouldn’t use only water to wash their hands, hand soap is also crucial for cleaning hands thoroughly. Use visuals and posters to remind your visitors to wash their hands properly. But your customers can’t wash their hands everywhere, as soap and water are not at their hand’s reach every time, so you need to have hand sanitisers in your leisure centres as well. Place them at the front desk, next to machines, at the entrance and promote your visitors to frequently use them when they arrive. 

Ensure that hand sanitisers include at least 60% alcohol for proper sanitisation. And check containers to ensure that the soap and paper towels are at the proper level, if not, refill them. 

Paper towels are also essential as your customers can use them to wipe the sweat off their faces, hands, and body not to transfer it to other parts of the gym. Also, before and after using the equipment, they can use spray bottles and paper towels to clean the equipment and keep them hygienic. Make sure you have paper towel bins so that visitors can throw them there. 

  1. Spray Bottles 

Many gyms and leisure centres offer spray bottles to clean equipment and tools after using them. Custodians use spray bottles to wipe down the equipment. It’s easy and simple to use as your visitors only spray them on their equipment and wipe down with a paper towel. These bottles include ammonia-based cleaning solutions which can help remove bacteria and germs. Place them at each equipment station to encourage users to use them. 

  1. Anti-bacterial Cleaner

You may considerably minimize the number of harmful contaminants in your gym by cleaning and sanitizing them regularly, reducing the chances of infection transmission. Provide custodians with high-strength antibacterial cleaners to clean the equipment from germs and bacteria thoroughly at least once or it’s better twice a day. Ensure that the cleaner you use is not harmful to human health and doesn’t damage the equipment’s surface. 

  1. Floor Scrubbers and High Filtration Vacuums 

Dirt, sweat and other particles appear on gym carpets and floor after visitors’ arrival. Your gym carpets can wear and fade because of improper cleaning. Use high-filtration vacuum cleaners to properly clean your gym and leisure centres’ carpets as these products enter into the carpet fibres, eliminating any dirt and germs effectively and swiftly. They prevent dust from spreading around the gym area. Your custodians need to do such cleaning a minimum of once a day. After using high filtration vacuum cleaners, you need to use floor scrubbers for even better results. 

We’ve compiled extra tips for your cleaning staff to help them apply the best habits: 

  • Wear protective equipment, such as gloves, masks, and et cetera

whenever you are exposed to unclean environments.

  • Clean the equipment with wipes in the same direction rather than back and forth for preventing contamination.
  • Based on product guidelines, the disinfectant liquid must stay on the surface for a certain time.
  • When you’re done, throw away any protective equipment or cleaning supplies, and wash your hands.

These were some of the essential cleaning products that every gym and leisure centre should have for maintaining staff and customer’s health and building reliability and trust. It’s always enjoyable to exercise in a place where proper hygiene habits are applied. If you want to find hygiene products for cleaning your gym area, don’t hesitate to opt for Hyex. Stay healthy!

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