Essential Hygiene Rules For A Gym Nowadays

Sweaty gym workouts were a normal component of many people’s daily routines before the lockdowns brought on by the pandemic. With fitness facilities reopening after being closed for several months, a new kind of normal is on the horizon. 

Recent events have highlighted some important aspects of gym hygiene and fitness facility management that are sometimes neglected. While the most generally mentioned parts of gym administration include business strategy, facility services, and management practices, nothing is more vital than the health and safety of your members and staff

Hence, let’s go over some key points for keeping your gym and its members healthy and safe. 

For Members

The golden rule: When you are sick it’s best not to go to the gym. 

Above all, members have a responsibility to take care of themselves and to be accountable for the health of others in their gym community. You must comprehend the value of self-discipline and respect for this community as a member. If you are sick, take precautions and stay away from the gym. 

Tips from Hyex that members can follow: 

  • Hands should be washed upon arrival and before leaving.
  • Before and after each use, wipe down the machines.
  • Try to bring your own towels for personal use even if your gym provides them. 
  • If you’re going to the gym to the bathroom or shower, wear appropriate footwear which will not expose you to a variety of bacteria.

Member Facilities 

You should try to keep the use of change rooms and shower areas to a minimum by urging members to only use them when absolutely necessary to meet proper gym cleanliness standards. You should also examine whether your state or territory’s public health regulations prohibit the usage of such facilities. 

Instead, urge members to arrive at the gym, fitness centre, sports and recreation centre, or group fitness class already dressed for their workout and showered at home. 

You should also think about whether there are enough hand washing and drying stations in convenient locations to keep up with the increased number of members practising proper public hygiene. If hand washing facilities are limited, you may need to provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer in strategic locations, such as entry and departure points.

In common areas, you should also consider opening windows or regulating air conditioning to allow for additional ventilation, as well as restricting or minimizing recirculated air colling where possible as a part of your gym hygiene management. 

If the locker rooms and other facilities remain open, you must ensure that they are properly stocked with toilet paper, soap, water, and drying facilities, as needed (preferably single-use paper towels).

When utilising these facilities, make sure that members use proper hygiene practices. You’ll also need to ensure regular cleaning and disinfection.

Worker Facilities

You may need to provide additional washing solutions, locker rooms, and break areas for your employees for the best possible gym hygiene etiquette. You should also assess whether there are enough hand washing and drying stations in handy locations to support the increased number of employees who practice excellent hygiene.

Yet again, if hand washing facilities are limited, you may need to provide alcohol-based hand sanitisers in strategic locations, such as entry and departure points. 

Additional Tips From Hyex

Integrate Hygiene In Your Gym Design 

You may include hygiene measures into the physical design of your gym in a number of ways. To increase air quality, you should strongly consider installing ventilators and humidifiers. 

You may also strategically place hand sanitisers and cleaning products throughout the facility so that members have no excuse not to clean their equipment. 

Many members may not remember to participate in their own personal cleaning and hygiene responsibility, therefore gyms should be aware of this. Posting signage throughout the facility (bathrooms, locker rooms, near equipment) urging members to do their share is an easy and effective way to tackle the issue. 

Establish A Strict Cleaning Schedule 

Establishing a regular cleaning plan that staff (cleaning, maintenance, and others) adhere to is the greatest method to ensure that your facility meets cleanliness expectations. This schedule should include specific tasks that must be completed at a given time during the day. 

Exercise rooms and locker rooms should not be the only places where these schedules are kept. It’s just as crucial to keep the same cleaning standards in less-used areas, such as staff offices. Front desks, laptops, check-in stations, and access control systems such as turnstiles should also be cleaned thoroughly.

You should organize ongoing training that highlights correct cleaning techniques or new relevant information to continually instill the relevance of these hygienic measures in your employees and finalize your gym hygiene policy. 

Concluding Thoughts

Requiring workers and others to exercise excellent hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect them from COVID-19 exposure. The above-mentioned points are some steps you can take to guarantee that your gym is clean and safe for everyone. 

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