Post-Pandemic Ingenious Hygiene Solutions and Products

Have you ever thought that Covid-19 should go down into history not only as a large economic, social, and health crisis, but also as a huge driving force for innovation, and digitalization of various major industries like manufacturing and healthcare? 

While it might be hard to accept the other side of the pandemic, we should still consider the fact that this crisis also created a stimulating environment for change, compared to safer and stable economic times. The outstanding unity of people around the globe who came together to find proper solutions for COVID is a bright manifestation of this.

Starting from startups to large corporations from various industries, businesses were forced to change and find new, innovative ways to cope with the new challenges. For this article we picked some of the most interesting innovative solutions showcasing the power of innovation in times of crisis, ambiguity, and uncertainty specifically during COVID-19. 

Let’s review those in detail!

The Virustatic Shield:

As annoying as they can be, masks still remain one of the most effective protection methods from COVID. Considering their high usage and importance as preventive measures in stopping the spread of COVID-19, Virustatic Shield created a special light, breatable, and an easy to use mask. Thanks to its mixed coating and base material, this mask is serving as an antiviral, multi functional snood. 

  • It’s proven to provide up to 99% protection from viruses
  • It’s snood design reduces the escape of virus-laden particles
  • It’s single layer makes it easy to wear, breathable, and comfortable for communication
  • It is reusable, environmentally friendly, and washable. 

Hand washing fact-checker:

There’s no need to remind about the importance of handwashing in terms of one of the most effective ways to protect from the spread of the pandemic. PathSpot was one of the innovators to bring new solutions to this area. The company created a special scanner that checks handwashing efficiency. 

The scanner mounts on a wall next to handwashing sinks, and whenever a person places his/her hands in it, a green or red light appears depending on the cleanliness of the person’s hands. 

This product is an awesome way for teams to keep a track of the quality of handwashing in their facilities and enable improvements if needed. This product is especially recommended for hotels and restaurants. 

AI-powered safe and scalable goods delivery

This robotic platform by Refraction AI is providing an alternative solution for scalable and safe good delivery in urban areas. The REV-1 delivery robot comes in different sizes and can operate in various climate conditions. It’s primary benefit is that it is able to carry various goods, and deliver those to you with minimal human contact.

Biometric login

The biometric login service by Passbase enables various businesses to check and confirm the identity of their visitors, customers, and employees. This product combines liveness detection, ID authenticity check, and face recognition all online, making it easier to use and safer for businesses. Passbase also waived subscriptions for all TELEMedicine companies for the use of this product. 

Hygiene solutions 

While the above-mentioned innovative solutions are very important steps towards preventing the spread of COVID-19 and making it easier to track the cases of infections, there are still some basic hygiene rules, practices, and products that every business should be attentive to even in the post COVID world. 

Personal Hygiene Products 

The effectiveness of stopping the spread of the pandemic is highly dependent on the actions of every single one of us. Proper personal hygiene solutions and products will not only benefit you but also keep others safe from the spread. 

Hyex offers a wide range of personal hygiene products starting from hand sanitisers, antibacterial soaps to wet wipes.  

Check them out and make those an essential part of your personal hygiene. You can find daily hygiene products, as well as some very specific body hygiene products on our website. 

Hygiene products for Businesses

Are you wondering where to buy proper hygiene products that will ensure the health and safety of your workers? Office hygiene is one of the most important factors that will keep your employees healthy, safe, and will increase the positive environment and the productivity of your staff. 

Starting from customisable fragrances for your office, to washroom, cleaning and disinfecting essentials, Hyex is here to offer high quality and affordable hygiene solutions for your business. 

Check them and make your purchase today! Let your business blossom during and after the pandemic! 

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